Featured Panelists

Brad McBeath

Best Buy
Director of Fulfillment

Gregg Mau

Global Logistics Manager 

Sara Negri

Dick's Sporting Goods
Director, Parcel & eCommerce Logistics

The e-commerce boom of 2020 occurred far earlier than initial projections; however, even before the pandemic, the high demand and growth was projected to occur at some point. E-commerce is here – and it’s here to stay, but it’s not enough to simply offer an e-commerce store. To truly remain profitable and ahead of (or in some cases on track with) the industry, you’ll need to implement an omnichannel strategy. In fact, it’s how many shippers survived the pandemic.

Join leaders in retail for an e-commerce strategy discussion, where you can learn directly from peers about pivotal e-commerce network strategies, trends, and future predictions.

Discussion Points
  • Omnichannel Implementation

    According to our 2021 GMT Benchmark Report, Omnichannel implementation was one of the top primary strategy focus areas for respondents.

  • Managing Carrier Networks

    Hear directly from your peers how they’re managing Parcel and LTL networks in this interactive panel discussion. 

  • Shipping Trends

     Learn what your peers think about trending E-Commerce network optimization strategies.

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